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About Me

I'm a professional photographer since 2006. My name is Sean Wang, art director of Studio2020 Photography. During the past decade I earned Bachelor's degree in Australia and Master's degree in Canada. Worked for numbers of business groups such as JAZZ.FM91, Real Estate Agent, Toronto Chinese Basketball League, and Dantitude Dance Studio, etc. I also serve under York Region Police.

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About Studio

Studio2020 Photography has a variety of shades of paper backdrops, client lounges, makeup station, flat screen TV and much more. It has all the equipment you’d need too, from flash setups to editing computers and more. The space can be rented for $120 for a two hour session, and $450 for eight hours.  Rates change on the weekend. 

Studio2020 provide any photo ID services:

  • Canadian, US, Chinese Passport , Visa & PR photo for adults, babies, and infants.

  • Fire Arm / Gun Licence Photo

  • Quick photo, prints & digital file ready in 15 minutes 

  • We provide photography services on location as well.

  • Please call us to schedule an appointment for your private session.

Contact Us

7-8740 Jane Street, Concord

Ontario, L4K 4V3

Tel: 647-285-5822

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